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Speed Networking is an on-premise law firm virtual networking (Virtual Café) application that enables attorneys across a firm to network with one another. The application facilitates virtual face-to-face meetings that allows attorneys to network and build relationships. As a result of the Covid-19 lock-down that resulted in attorneys working remotely from mid-2020 into 2021, and then the persistent remote working preference of the attorneys at a firm, fewer attorneys currently visit  firm offices with any degree of regularity.

Consequently, the opportunity for traditional in-person interactions, mixing and networking that would result in attorneys getting to know one another and ultimately work with one another to serve their clients is materially reduced as compared to historic circumstances. In addition, there are a large number of support personnel that are similarly disconnected from attorneys. The Virtual Café application creates a new avenue to get to know the talent and expertise of the various support personnel so that they can better appreciate who they can rely on and what support talent exists at the firm to support them.

The program is facilitated by an artificial intelligence enhanced application that integrates with a firm’s MS Outlook email interface, Teams Meeting system, and analyses data about personnel’s expertise, interests, location, practice area, and historic interactions in order to intelligently pair personnel for a speed networking session.

With the deployment of our Speed Networking application, a firm can resolve issues relating to communication and collaboration, maintaining firm’s culture, and ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels. With this application, not only can a firm ensure structured interactions, but it does so in a fun and efficient manner.

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