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We develop ideas for innovative products and solutions in collaboration with our advisory and software development services clients in order to launch start-up technology businesses. We recruit co-founders and management teams for these businesses, fund them with seed capital, support them with our own team of experts and ensure that these businesses scale.

Our Venture Studio Flywheel

We partner with enterprise clients and bring together talent and expertise across industries, professions, and technologies to develop ideas and build businesses that strive for excellence to make the world a better place and enhance people’s lives.

Our model of Innovation Advisory, Software Development, and Venture Studio creates a “flywheel” effect that constantly drives greater value to our clients. Our Innovation Advisory often inspires clients to envisage bespoke software solutions that we co-develop. A highly select segment of those solutions make it into our Venture Studio where teams of industry experts and recruited entrepreneurs collaborate to build spin-off technology businesses.

Those businesses grow Maker5’s Innovation Advisory arsenal elevating our ability to add value to our client’s innovation efforts. With each cycle, the flywheel grows bigger, spins faster, and delivers greater value.

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